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 At the heateart of Savoy, between the biggest French lake and the beautiful mountains of the Alps, we would like to welcome you to the second Savoy Lindy Aixchange!
You will truly enjoy discovering our beautiful city of Aix les Bains, it's lake and many historical and Art Nouveau buildings. Renowned to be THE place to be in Europe during the summers of 1890 till 1945 , it was a favorite spot to many Kings, Queens and Princesses....
Also you will discover the beautiful town of Annecy call "the little Venice" of Savoy.

We are offering 3 days of dance in many famous locations downtown, a boat cruise on the lake, and a dress up 30's theme night at the most prestigious room inside the beautiful casino built in 1850.
Make sure to book quickly and join us for theses memorable 3 days in one of the most sought after town in Savoy conveniently built to be enjoyed without the use of a car

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