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Castle Pass 70€

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Full Pass 110€

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what is the difference between the 2 pass ?


- The Castle Pass: 70€ => including access to all ballrooms and the museum, dinner, drinks, and bed for the first 30 booking

+ 1h BLUES workshop with Fabien and Lisa


- The Full Pass: 110€ => The Castle pass

+ 2h LINDY workshop  (total: 3 hrs workshop with Fabien and Lisa)


And now for For the payement  (your place is not booked until we receive the payement):


- If you use Paypal, please choose the right pass and click at the left buttons.

- If you want to pay by bank transfer click on the link at the left  (bank detail),  but we have to receive the exact amount without any charges!)

- We accept also French cheques ONLY (use the adress of the  Bank detail )the right side for details.

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